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Why you should use this

Lease renewal tracking software built in Lido automates the process of monitoring lease agreements, alerting you well in advance of renewal deadlines. This ensures that you can proactively engage with tenants about renewals, negotiate terms, or prepare properties for new tenants, thereby optimizing rental income and reducing vacancy periods. It helps maintain an organized overview of lease statuses, making property management more efficient and less time-consuming.

How it Works

This automation checks to see if today's date matches a lease renewal date specified in a spreadsheet and automatically sends an email if TRUE.

Connect lease renewal dates in a Google Sheet to Lido

Lido connects to anywhere your lease renewal tracking dates live, most commonly Google Sheets.

Check if today’s date is equal to the tracked lease renewal date in the Google Sheet

IF(TODAY() = C2,SENDGMAIL(<>,B2,”Reminder", "Upcoming lease renewal date”….)

Send an email if there is an upcoming lease renewal

Send a personalized email from Gmail or Outlook account for each tracked lease renewal row that requires an alert.

SENDGMAIL(<sender-credential>,B2,"Renewal deadline in 3 days","[Contract] is up for renewal in 3 days")

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Ideal for property managers, real estate agents, and landlords who use Google Sheets to manage multiple rental properties and need to keep track of lease terms and renewal dates. This automation is crucial for maintaining tenant relations and ensuring continuous occupancy.