Extract numbers from a PDF and convert from European format to US

Extract data from a PDF and convert numbers that are in a European format to US format, such as currency or decimals.

How it Works

This automation extract tables of data from a PDF that includes numbers that are in a European number format (currency, decimals) and converts them to US format

Start with a PDF of one or more tables of data

Start with a PDF that has one or more tables of data in it.

Extract data from the PDF into Lido

Using the EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF formula, Lido extracts all data it recognizes as part of a table from your PDF and adds it to a spreadsheet.

=EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF(<your GoogleDrive credential>, file_link, output_cell)

Change European format numbers to US

Use the LOCALIZENUMBER formula to change the format of a cell or range of data from one locale format to another.

=LOCALIZENUMBER(EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF(<your GoogleDrive credential>, file_link, output_cell),"ds-DE", "en-US")

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