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Why you should use this

This automation quickly converts Google Forms responses into structured purchase orders, significantly speeding up the procurement process and reducing the potential for human error. It ensures that order details are accurately captured and documented, facilitating smoother vendor interactions and inventory management.

How it Works

Automatically create purchase order PDFs using data collected in a Google Form. A new purchase order will be created for each Google Form response. You can use any Google Doc purchase order as a template.

Connect Google Forms to Lido

New Google Form responses are automatically added to Lido.

Create a purchase order PDF and save on Google Drive

Generate a purchase order PDF by merging form data into a Google Doc.  Google Form responses can be merged into the template with the syntax {{variable}}. New purchase orders are automatically saved to Google Drive.

CREATEPDF(<Google drive credential>,<path to template>,<file name>,<output cell>)

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Ideal for procurement managers, operations teams, and small business owners who use Google Forms and want a streamlined method to generate purchase orders directly from form submissions. This automation is particularly useful for those who manage a high volume of orders.