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Why you should use this

This contract management automation streamlines the process of managing contract lifecycles, providing automated reminders for upcoming renewals and deadlines. This ensures that contracts are always up-to-date and that critical deadlines are met, preventing lapses in service and compliance issues. It improves operational efficiency by keeping all contract-related documents and data organized and easily accessible.

How it Works

This automation checks to see if today's date matches a contract renewal date specified in a spreadsheet and automatically sends a reminder email if TRUE.

Connect contract renewal dates in a Google Sheet to Lido

Lido connects to anywhere your contract renewal dates live, most commonly Google Sheets.

Check if today’s date is equal to or greater than the contract renewal date in the Google Sheet

IF(TODAY() = C2,SENDGMAIL(<>,B2,”Upcoming contract renewal", "[important contract] is coming due”….)

Send a reminder email for upcoming contract renewal dates

Send a personalized contract renewal reminder email from Gmail or Outlook account for each upcoming or past due contract renewal.

SENDGMAIL(<sender-credential>,B2,"Important: Contract renewal coming up in 3 days","[Contract] is up for renewal soon")

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Ideal for legal teams, contract managers, and business administrators who use Google Sheets and need to oversee and manage a large volume of contracts. This tool is crucial for maintaining organization and ensuring timely actions on contract renewals and obligations.