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Why you should use this

This automation sends automatic Slack messages for impending expiration dates, ensuring timely notifications within your team's primary communication channel. It facilitates proactive management and renewal of essential services and licenses, preventing potential disruptions. By integrating reminders directly into Slack, this tool promotes immediate attention and action, enhancing team responsiveness and organizational efficiency.

How it Works

This Lido automation connects to your Google Sheet, calculates any specified number of days before a specified date, then automatically triggers a Slack message based on the calculated reminder date.

Connect your Google Sheet to Lido

Connect your Google Sheet to Lido with one-click. Updates in your Google Sheet are automatically pulled into Lido.

Calculate X days before a date in Google Sheets

Use Lido's spreadsheet to calculate a reminder date any number of days before a Google Sheets date.

For example, if your expiration dates are in column G, and you want to send automatic emails 30 days before the expiration, then your formula is simply:


Send automatic reminder Slack message

Write another formula to check if today's date is equal to your calculated reminder date. If it is, then automatically trigger a Slack message with Lido's SENDSLACK formula. You can include details from a Google Sheets row in the subject or body of your Slack message. Slack messages can be sent to a public channel or private DM.

IF(TODAY()=H2, SENDSLACK(<workspace>, "#Channel", "Reminder! - [@Contract] renewal is in 30 days"))

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Team leads, IT administrators, and operations managers who need to monitor and communicate about approaching expiration dates for software licenses, service agreements, or project milestones. This automation is invaluable for maintaining seamless operational continuity and ensuring compliance.