Automatically update Clover inventory from invoice PDFs with AI

Build a custom, AI powered workflow to automate your entire Clover inventory management process. Upload your invoice PDFs, tell GPT what information you need to extract, and receive your inventory data in a spreadsheet that's ready to upload to Clover.
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How it works

Lido is a spreadsheet built with custom formulas to automate repetitive tasks with AI. Upload your PDF invoices, convert your PDF data into a spreadsheet format, then use GPT to clean the raw inputs into a Clover-ready output.

1. Upload your PDF invoices to Lido

Upload a PDF invoice and automatically convert the contents into a spreadsheet format.

2. Use Lido's =GPT() formula to clean your invoice data into a Clover compatible format

Every distributor invoice is slightly different and it's time consuming to convert a line item like "Dozen X 1.5 Per Case" into 18 units for Clover. That's where Lido's AI comes in.

3. Your data is outputted into a spreadsheet that can be uploaded directly to Clover

Lido will automatically transform your cleaned data into the format that you need for your Clover import, with all of the data in the correct columns.
Thomas L., Accounting Manager
Thanks to Lido, my CFO and I met one of our most important 2024 goals — improving operational efficiencies without hiring
We used to manually copy and paste data from Amazon expense / revenue reports into a spreadsheet 15 times a month - each time took a couple of hours; but we needed to get this done. Lido has automated this process for us.

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