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How to Zoom out on Google Sheets: Easiest Way in 2024

May 8, 2024

In this article, we will show you how to zoom out on Google Sheets. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Zoom Out in Google Sheets Using Menu Options

Follow the steps below to zoom out Google Sheets using the menu options. 

1. Open 'View' Menu and Select a Lower Zoom Percentage

In Google Sheets, click on 'View' in the toolbar, then select 'Zoom'. Choose a lower zoom level than the current one (e.g., from 100% to 75% or 50%) from the dropdown menu.

how to zoom out on google sheets

2. Readjust and Inspect Spreadsheet for Appropriate Zoom Level

If the new zoom level isn't suitable, re-adjust by selecting another lower percentage. After adjusting, ensure the new zoom level allows you to see more of the spreadsheet while maintaining readability.

how to zoom out in google sheets

How to Zoom Out in Google Sheets Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Follow the steps below to quickly zoom out in Google Sheets using keyboard shortcuts. 

1. Use 'Ctrl' and '-' to Zoom Out (or 'Cmd' and '-' on Mac)

To zoom out, press 'Ctrl' and '-' simultaneously on your keyboard. On a Mac, use 'Cmd' and '-'.

zoom out google sheets

2. Repeat Shortcuts to Reach Desired Zoom Level

Continue using the shortcut until the spreadsheet is zoomed out to your preferred level.

google sheets zoom out

3. Verify Correct Zoom Level for Your Work

After adjusting, check the sheet to ensure the zoom level is suitable for viewing a larger area.

how to zoom out google sheets

How to Zoom Out on Google Sheets Using Chrome Browser 

Follow the steps below to use Google Chrome's zoom function to adjust the view of a Google Sheets document.

1. Find and Click Chrome Menu Button for Zoom Controls

Locate the zoom controls in Chrome in the top right corner represented by the three dots icon.

zoom out on google sheets

2. Access Zoom Options in Chrome Drop-down Menu and Zoom Out

Click the menu button. In the dropdown menu, find the 'Zoom' section. Use the '-' button in this section to decrease the zoom level.

how to zoom out of google sheets

3. Edit Zoom Level for Optimal Viewing in Google Sheets

"Continue clicking '-' until you reach the desired zoom level for optimal viewing of your Google Sheets document.

zoom out in google sheets

4. Ensure Correct Zoom Level and Reset to Default (100%) If Necessary

Check your document after zooming out to ensure the level is appropriate. To reset to the default zoom level in Chrome, click the menu button and select '100%' in the 'Zoom' section.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to zoom out on Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to Zoom In on Google Sheets or our article on how to switch X and Y axis in Google Sheets.

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