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How to Set Print Area in Google Sheets (The Right Way!)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to print from google sheets both with and without gridlines.

Set Print Area in Google Sheets

For the purposes of this demonstration we have created a sample sheet. Click here to access the sheet and follow along.

1. Highlight cells and click File > Print

From the tool bar at the top of the page select File followed by Print. You can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P on Windows or Cmd ⌘ + P on Mac. 

If you plan to print a single sheet ensure you have navigated to this sheet at this step.

Set print area in Google Sheets: Accessing the print options menu

Note: If your intention is to print a selection, you must first select the cells at this stage. This can be done by clicking the top left cell and dragging across the desired cells to highlight them.

Google Sheets print area: Select cells

2. Choose the print area

The print options screen will appear, on the left hand side of the screen is the print preview window, on the right is the print options menu.

Google Sheets print area: Print options screen


From the print options menu you can expand the drop down menu under the Print label. This will display the following options:

Set the print are in Google Sheet: Print area

Current Sheet: This prints the single sheet shown in the print preview window. This will be the sheet navigated to before accessing the print options screen.

Workbook: Setting this as the print area will display an additional dropdown menu with the label “Selection”. This menu will display all of the sheets in the workbook with checkboxes. 

By default all the checkboxes will be enabled which will print the entire workbook. You can customize this to only print the sheets you require.

Selected cells (Cell range): This option prints a specific area of selected cells. 

Any cells that were highlighted prior to accessing the print options screen will be displayed as the cell range and will be the only content printed.

In our example we will choose to print the entire work box so will select Workbook and ensure all the checkboxes are ticked in the Selection section.

How to set print area on Google Sheets: Selection

3. Customize any other print options if required and click the NEXT button

Specify any additional settings using the print options menu. Once completed select the NEXT button which can be located at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Set print area in Google Sheets: Print options

4. Click Print

Your operating systems print dialogue window will now display. Check the printer is correct and click Print. Your document will be printed with your selected print area.

Google Sheets print area: Print

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