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How to Combine Text From Two Cells in Google Sheets

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to combine text from two cells in google sheets using the CONCATENATE function.

Combine Text from Two Cells in Google Sheets

We will now demonstrate how to use the CONCATENATE function to combine text from two cells. 

For the purposes of this demonstration a sample sheet was used. Click here to access the sheet and follow along at home.

1. Select an empty cell in Google Sheets

Choose an empty cell, this will be where the results of the formula will populate. For example we will select the empty cell next to the two cells we want to combine.

How do you combine two text cells in Google Sheets: Selecting an empty cell

2. Enter the CONCATENATE formula =CONCATENATE(Cell1, Cell2)

In the empty cell enter the formula:

=CONCATENATE(Cell1, Cell2)

Formula Breakdown:

=CONCATENATE: The function Google Sheets will use to combine the two given text cells

Cell1: This will be the first cell reference, the text in this cell will form the start of the text in the results

Cell 2: This will be the second cell reference, the text will be joined to the end of Cell1 text

For our example we will enter =CONCATENATE(B3,C3)

When the CONCATENATE formula is entered. Google Sheets will preview the results above the formula.

How do you combine two text cells in Google Sheets: CONCATENATE formula

As we can see in the preview the values will be combined but what if we need to separate the combined text values with a space, a comma or other value?

To achieve this we should include a third argument in the formula which will be the desired separator surrounded by double quotations ("separator value"). Including this between the two cell reference values will show this in the results.

In our example we will insert a space so will amend the formula to:


How do you combine two text cells in Google Sheets: CONCATENATE

3. Press enter to see the results

Press the enter key and you will see that the Cell1 text value is combined with the Cell2 text to form a new text value. 

In our example we can see the Cell1 value of “John” is combined with the Cell2 value of “Smith” to create “JohnSmith”.

How do you combine two text cells in Google Sheets: Results
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