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Is Firebase a SQL or NoSQL? (2024 Update)

is firebase sql or nosql

Firebase offers two types of databases: Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore. Both of these databases are NoSQL, not SQL.

Why are Firebase databases NoSQL?

Data Structure:

Firebase databases store data in a flexible, JSON-like format, which is a key feature of NoSQL databases. In contrast, SQL databases use tables with a fixed schema to store data.


In Firebase Realtime Database or Cloud Firestore, you can represent a user as:

In a SQL database, you would create a table with columns like id, name, and email to store the user data.


Firebase databases provide simpler, more intuitive querying methods, allowing developers to retrieve data based on specific attributes or conditions. SQL databases, on the other hand, rely on the Structured Query Language (SQL) for data manipulation and retrieval.


In Firebase, you can retrieve all users with a specific email address using:

In a SQL database, you would use a SQL query like:

Real-time updates:

Firebase databases offer real-time data synchronization, which is a feature not commonly found in SQL databases. This means that any changes in data are instantly propagated to all connected clients without the need for manual polling or refreshes.

By being NoSQL databases, Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore provide flexibility, scalability, and real-time capabilities that make them suitable for modern web and mobile applications.

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