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How to Send a Part of an Excel Spreadsheet by Email (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you different ways on how to send a part of an Excel Spreadsheet by email. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Send a Part of an Excel Spreadsheet by Email 

Follow the steps below to send a part of an Excel Spreadsheet by email. 

1. Open Excel and Select Data to Email

Open the Excel spreadsheet containing the data you want to send. Highlight the specific cells or range you wish to email.

how to send part of an excel spreadsheet by email

2. Copy the Highlighted Data in Excel

Right-click on the highlighted data and select 'Copy,' or use the shortcut 'Ctrl+C' on your keyboard.

3. Access Your Email Service and Compose a New Message

Access your preferred email service, such as Outlook or Gmail. This might involve opening a web browser or a desktop application. Click 'New Email' or 'Compose' to create a new message.

4. Paste Excel Data into Email Body

Click in the body of the email and paste the copied data by right-clicking and selecting 'Paste,' or pressing 'Ctrl+V.'

5. Adjust Formatting of Pasted Data (Optional)

Adjust the formatting of the pasted data if needed, to ensure it's clear and readable.

6. Enter Email Address and add Additional Text to Your Email

Enter the email address of the recipient. Add any additional information or message you want to send along with the Excel data.

7. Review and Send Your Email

Check the email for accuracy and completeness, then click 'Send' to email the selected part of your Excel spreadsheet.

How to Send a Part of an Excel Spreadsheet as an Attachment by Email

Follow the simple steps below to send a part of an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment in an email.

1. Right-Click on the Sheet Tab to Access Options

Locate the tab of the sheet you want to email at the bottom of Excel. Right-click on it to see a list of options.

2. Choose 'Move or Copy' to Duplicate the Sheet

From the right-click menu, select 'Move or Copy.' A dialog box will appear, allowing you to duplicate the sheet.

3. Duplicate the Sheet into a New Workbook

In the 'Move or Copy' dialog, tick 'Create a copy' and select '(new book)' in the dropdown menu. Press 'OK' to create a new workbook with the copied sheet.

4. Work on the Newly Created Workbook

The new workbook with your copied sheet opens automatically. You'll now be working in this workbook.

5. Initiate Email Sharing of the Workbook

Go to 'File' and select 'Share.'

Choose 'Excel Workbook' to start the process of emailing the workbook.

6. Compose Your Email in the Prompted Window

A new email window will pop up. Enter the recipient’s email address, a subject line, and any additional message.

7. Send the Workbook as an Email Attachment

Complete your email and hit 'Send.' The workbook with the single sheet is now on its way to your recipient.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to send a part of an Excel spreadsheet by email. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to validate email addresses in Excel or our article on how to autofill email addresses in Excel.  

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