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How to Create a Link to an Excel File in an Email (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you different ways on how to create a link to an Excel file in an email. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Create a Link to an Excel File in an Email using the ‘Share’ option

Follow the simple steps below to create a link to an Excel file in an email. 

1. Open Excel File and Navigate to Share Options

Open the Excel file you want to share. Click on 'File' in the top-left corner.

how to create a link to an excel file in an email

Then, select 'Share'. This step leads you to various sharing options.

how to hyperlink an excel file in an email

2. Specify Recipients and Choose Sharing Scope

In the sharing section, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with.

Decide whether to share the link with anyone who has the link or only with specific people you choose.

3. Customize Access Permissions and Security

Determine if recipients can edit or just view the file. Here, you can also apply additional security measures like setting a password for accessing the document.

4. Send Your Excel File as a Link via Email

After setting up sharing preferences and permissions, click 'Send'. This action emails a link to the recipients, granting them the access you've set up.

How to Hyperlink an Excel File in an Email using the ‘Copy as Path’ Option

Follow the steps below to hyperlink an Excel file in an email. 

1. Locate and Copy the Excel File Path

Find the saved Excel file in your computer's storage. Right-click on the file and select 'Copy as path' to copy the file's location.

2. Open Outlook to Compose a New Email

Open your Outlook application. Click on 'New Email' to begin writing a new message.

3. Embed Excel File Path in Email Body

In the body of your new email in Outlook, right-click and paste the copied file path.

This inserts a clickable link to your Excel file in the email.

4. Add Recipient Details and Personalize Your Message

Enter the email address of your recipient, add a relevant subject line, and type any message you wish to include in your email.

5. Send Your Email with the Excel File Link

Review your email to ensure all details are correct. Click 'Send' to dispatch your email with the link to your Excel file.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create a link to an Excel file in an email. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to extract names from email addresses in Excel or our article on how to copy emails from Excel to Outlook.  

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