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Who Can See My Google Calendar: The Ultimate Guide in 2024

In this article, we will show you who can see your Google Calendar depending on your sharing and visibility settings. Read on to learn more. 

who can see my google calendar

Who Can See My Google Calendar?

The visibility of your Google Calendar is primarily dictated by the privacy settings you choose. Only you, specific individuals you've shared it with, or potentially anyone if set to public, can view your calendar events and details.

Here are the sharing and visibility settings in Google Calendar:

Private Setting: By default, your Google Calendar is set to private. This setting means that only you can view the events and details unless you choose to share them with others.

Shared with Specific People: You can share your calendar with selected individuals. Once shared, these individuals can view or edit the calendar based on the permissions you grant from viewing only to full editing rights.

Public Visibility: Making your calendar public allows anyone, even those without a Google account can view it. This setting is ideal for calendars displaying public events or schedules that need to be widely accessible.

Visibility Within an Organization: For Google Workspace users, there might be default settings enabling others in your organization to see your calendar. Typically, they can see whether you are free or busy but not the specific event details unless you set additional permissions.

Manage Sharing and Visibility Settings in Google Calendar

Follow the easy steps below to customize your calendar's visibility and manage who can view your events and details.

1. Open Google Calendar and Access Settings

Begin by opening Google Calendar. To adjust settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner.  

2. Choose the Calendar You Want to Share or Adjust

In the settings menu, look under 'My calendars' on the left. Select the calendar you wish to share or change privacy settings for.

3. Find and Open Sharing or Privacy Settings

Once you've selected your calendar, locate and click on 'Share with specific people' or 'Access permissions' to modify visibility.

4. Set Calendar Sharing Settings

Decide whether to keep your calendar private, make it public, or share it with specific people. Select your preferred privacy level.

5. Add Email Addresses of People to Share Your Calendar With

If sharing with specific people, click 'Add people.'

Enter their email addresses and choose their access level.

6. Opt to Make Your Calendar Publicly Accessible

For a public calendar, select 'Make available to public'. This will allow anyone to view your calendar.

7. Wait for Automatic Confirmation of Changes

Changes are saved automatically. Wait for a prompt that confirms your settings have been updated.

8. Verify Your Calendar's New Visibility Settings

Return to your calendar to ensure the new settings are correctly applied. You can make further adjustments if needed.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of who can see your Google Calendar and how to manage your sharing and visibility settings. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to change Google Calendar to dark mode or our article on how to remove someone from Google Calendar.  

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