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How to Find and Recover Deleted Google Calendar Events (2024)

In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted Google Calendar events successfully so that you not lose track of your important schedules and appointments.

How to Recover Deleted Google Calendar Events

Follow the steps below to recover deleted events in Google Calendar. 

1. Open Google Calendar and Access the Trash Folder

First, go to Google Calendar. Look for the gear icon to access settings. In the dropdown, select the "Trash" option. Click on it to view deleted events. Deleted events stay in the Trash for a set period before being permanently removed.

how to recover deleted google calendar events

2. Find and Select the Deleted Event in the Trash

In the Trash folder, you will see a list of deleted events. Scroll through this list to find the event you wish to recover. Click on the event to select it. Ensure you pick the correct one.

how to recover deleted events in google calendar

3. Restore the Selected Event to Your Calendar

Once you have selected the event, look for the "Restore" option. Clicking this will return the event to your main calendar. It will be placed back on its original date and time.

how to undo deleted event in google calendar

4. Confirm the Event is Correctly Restored on Your Calendar

After restoring, navigate back to your main calendar view. Ensure the event is now visible on the intended date. Open the event to verify that all details, like time and description, are correct.

how to recover deleted calendar events in google

5. Ensure All Recurrences of a Series are Restored

If your deleted event was part of a recurring series, each occurrence needs to be restored individually. Check that all instances of the series are back on your calendar. If any are missing, repeat the restoration process for each one.

6. Adjust Notifications and Reminders for the Restored Event

Restored events might not keep their original notification settings. Click on the event to open it. Then, reset any reminders or notifications to your preference. This ensures you get alerted as originally planned.

how to undo a deleted event in google calendar

7. Use the Immediate Undo Option for Recent Deletions

If you've just accidentally deleted an event, act quickly. A small "Undo" message appears at the bottom of the screen right after you delete an event. Clicking this will instantly reverse the deletion.

how to recover a deleted event on google calendar

8. Seek Help from Google Support if You Encounter Issues

If you're unable to find or restore an event, or if you face any technical difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to Google Support for assistance. They can provide additional help for issues beyond the scope of the Trash folder.

It’s important to note that events in the Trash are only retained for 30 days. Hence, prompt action is crucial to avoid permanent loss of your important schedules and appointments.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to recover deleted Google Calendar events. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to delete all Google Calendar events or our article on how to delete a recurring event in Google Calendar.

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