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A Quick and Dirty Way to Connect Firestore to Google Sheets

Apr 30, 2021

Learn a rough way of connecting Firestore to the program we all know and use. Here we outline for you the easiest way of connecting the data analyzation tool.

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Data & Analytics
Statistic vs Parameter

Apr 18, 2021

Learn the various facets of different data analysis tools such as statistics and parameters. Additionally, learn the role they can play in your business.

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One Way to Connect Firebase to Google Sheets

Apr 18, 2021

Learn about how to connect additional services to Google Sheets. More specifically, learn how to operate the Firebase program for maximal benefit to your business.

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Data & Analytics
Data Analysis 101: Data analysis pitfalls to watch for

Apr 3, 2021

Learn the various obstacles you will face when analyzing data. Biases, focus points, pattern conflation are all pitfalls you should learn about, among other things.

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Data & Analytics
Data Analysis 101: Steps in Conducting Data Analysis

Mar 27, 2021

Learn how to conduct data analysis in the most efficient manner. Become acquainted with the various levels to the process of data analysis in order to become a more effective analyst.

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Data & Analytics
Data Analysis 101: The types of analysis you can conduct

Mar 16, 2021

Here we will help you clear up information by displaying the different types of analysis that you can conduct, and under what circumstances you should use them. 

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Customer Success
Top 7 No-Code Web App Development Tools

Mar 16, 2021

Here we outline which web app development tools are available to you that don't necessitate coding on your part.

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Data & Analytics
Data Analysis 101: Types of Data You Encounter in Data Analysis

Mar 9, 2021

Learn about the different categories of data that are used in data analysis, as well as how they are analyzed. Examples are included to further your understanding.

Google Sheet entitled "How to Highlight Duplicates..." with highlighted duplicates in the third column
How to Highlight Duplicates on Google Sheets (in 5 simple steps)

Mar 2, 2021

Step-by-step tutorial of how to highlight duplicates on Google Sheets, using Conditional Formatting and a custom formula. Good for locating repeat data!

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Data & Analytics
Data Analysis 101: Why should you do data analytics and data analysis?

Mar 2, 2021

Learn what data analytics and data analysis are, as well as how they can benefit your business. Realize the importance of these tools when applied to different aspects of businesses.