Send emails triggered by values in MySQL columns

Send an email notification when any value in a specified set of columns in MySQL is updated.

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Why you should use this

This automation sends emails based on specific triggers set within MySQL column values, ensuring timely notifications and actions are taken when data meets certain criteria. It enhances operational responsiveness by automating alerts for critical changes, supporting proactive management and immediate response to important events. This functionality is essential for maintaining system integrity and enhancing user engagement through timely communication.

How it Works

This automation triggers an email whenever values in a MySQL column change to match a specified condition.

Connect your MySQL database table to Lido

Connect your MySQL database to Lido's spreadsheet, no code required. Lido will pull in the latest data from MySQL on a schedule as frequently as once every 5 minutes.

Write formula for email trigger logic

Use spreadsheet formulas to work directly with your connected MySQL data and create a custom trigger for when certain conditions are met.

IF(D2 = "In progress", SENDGMAIL(<sender-credential>, "", "Task is now in progress"))

Send an email if the custom email trigger conditions are met

Send a personalized email from Gmail or Outlook account for each row that meets the criteria

SENDGMAIL(<sender-credential>,"","Change in status","[Task] status has changed to In progress")

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Ideal for database administrators, system integrators, and developers who need to automate communication based on MySQL database events. This tool is particularly useful for applications that require real-time alerts, such as inventory management systems or customer service platforms.