Create New Shopify Product from Google Sheets

Sync product data from Google Sheets to Shopify, automating the creation of new products in your Shopify store.

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Why you should use this

This automation populates creates new Shopify products as soon as items are added to a Google Sheet, streamlining product management and analysis. It simplifies tracking inventory changes, helps in planning marketing strategies, and ensures that all product information is easily accessible and up-to-date, enhancing operational efficiency.

How it Works

This automation fetches data from Google Sheets and automatically pushes it to Shopify.

Connect Google Sheet to Lido

Connect your Google Sheet to Lido with one-click. Updates in your Google Sheet will automatically be reflected in Lido.

Create New Shopify product for each new row in a Google Sheet

When a new row is added to a Google Sheet, the details from that row are automatically sent to Shopify as a new product.

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

Ideal for e-commerce managers, product coordinators, and business analysts who use Shopify and Google Sheets and need to manage and analyze their product offerings efficiently. This tool is particularly useful for those who prefer to organize extensive product data in a familiar spreadsheet environment.