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How it Works

Create a Google Doc template with dynamic fields. Then, fill those fields automatically with data from a Google Sheet or Excel column and generate documents in bulk.

Create a Google Doc template

Create a Google Doc that will serve as your template. Design the layout of the document as you would like it to appear in the final output.

Identify the fields in the Google Doc that you want to be dynamically filled with data. Mark these fields with unique placeholders such as {{field 1}}, {{field 2}}, etc. These placeholders will indicate where the data from your Google Sheets will be inserted.

Connect your Google Sheet

Connect your Google Sheet with the data you want to merge into the Google Docs to Lido. When a new record is added, it will automatically be pulled into Lido.

Generate Google Docs in bulk

Generate a Google Doc by merging spreadsheet data into a Google Doc and save it to Google Drive.

CREATEGOOGLEDOC(<Google drive credential>,<path to template>,<file name>,<output cell>)

When applied to your entire table of connected data, one Google Doc will be automatically generated per spreadsheet row.

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.