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Free Sports Betting Tracker for Google Sheets (2024 Update)

May 8, 2024

Sports Betting Tracker for Google Sheets

A sports betting tracker for Google Sheets is useful for monitoring bets, analyzing performance, and optimizing betting strategies for improved outcomes. Access our free sports betting tracker for Google Sheets here.

Please do not request edit access. To make a copy, go to 'File' and select 'Make a copy’.

How to Use our Sports Betting Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Follow the steps below to use our sports betting tracker for Google Sheets. 

1. Understand the Columns

Each column in your spreadsheet serves a unique purpose. For example, the "Date" column is for the date you place your bet. The "Odds" column shows how the bookmaker rates your bet's chance of winning. Other columns will include "Pick" for the team or player you're betting on, "Stakes" for the amount of money you're wagering, and "Result" for the outcome of your bet, both in terms of win/lose and the financial result.

Your spreadsheet automatically sums up your wins, losses, and total profit to track your progress.

2. Fill in Bet Details

For each bet, enter details like the date, teams, bookmaker, odds, and your stake. Filling in these details accurately is essential for tracking your betting habits and outcomes.

3. Update Bet Outcomes

Once the event you've bet on concludes, update your spreadsheet with the outcome. You'll need to mark whether the bet was a win or a loss in the "Win/Lose" column and calculate the financial result of the bet for the "Result" column. If you win, your stake is automatically  deducted from the return to find the profit. If you lose, simply record the amount wagered as a negative figure.

4. Review Your Performance and Adjust Based on Insights

Make it a habit to regularly review the "Total Wins," "Total Losses," and "Total Profit" fields in your spreadsheet. This practice will give you a clear view of your betting performance over time. 

Use the insights gained from tracking your bets to refine your betting strategy. Analyzing your performance can help you make more informed decisions, avoid repeating mistakes, and identify the types of bets that are most profitable for you.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use our free sports betting tracker for Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on our stock portfolio tracker for Google Sheets or our article on Google Sheets options tracker.

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