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SKU Generator in Google Sheets [2024 Update]

How to Make an SKU Generator in Google Sheets

1. Copy The Lido SKU Generator Sample Sheet

Copy the Lido SKU Generator Template here. A new tab or window will open, asking you to copy the template. Click Make a copy.

SKU generator google sheets

The SKU Generator Template by Lido has three sheets. The first sheet contains the instructions on using it. The second sheet is for the categories to be used in creating SKUs. The third sheet is for listing the items and generating the SKUs themselves. 

google sheets SKU generator

2. List Down the Categories for Generating SKUs

Click the Categories tab. You will see the following sheet:

SKU generator in google sheets‍

Row 2 contains checkboxes. To include a category, tick the checkbox above it. For example, to include CATEGORY 1 in the SKU, we tick the checkbox in its column.

Tick checkbox to Enable category in SKU generator

After selecting it, we add the category name in the cell below the checkbox. 

Input category name for sku generator in google sheets

After adding the category name, we then list the category options under it and their corresponding codes on the side.

Input sku category options with their code in google sheets

We repeat this for the other categories we set. 

The sheet can accommodate up to six categories and twenty options each. For our example, we have a clothes shop and we want to generate SKU numbers for the items. The selected categories and their corresponding options are

Brand: Peace Mankind, Quizmaster

Type: T-Shirt, V-Neck

Color: White, Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Blue

Design: Orchid, Oak, Sea, Mountains

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

And their corresponding codes  are assigned in the columns to their right. 

Sku generator categories in google sheets

3. Add the Items and Set Their Categories

After setting the categories, we can now add the items and set their categories. Click the Items sheet tab. You will get the following interface. 

how to make an SKU generator in google sheets

Input the items in the first column starting from Row 2. 

Items added to sku generator in google sheets

Afterwards, select the categories for each of the items listed by selecting them from the drop-down lists. 

Sku generated in google sheets after input of item categories

As you select the categories, you will see the SKU being generated real-time. Once you finish selecting the categories, you can now copy the generated SKUs on the last column.


How to Change the Format of the SKU Generator?

The formula for generating the SKU in the template is


This generates a SKU where the codes form a continuous string:


You can add dashes between each part of the code to make it more readable. Use this formula:


The resulting SKU is


Finally, if you don’t want numbers to be automatically generated as part of the SKU, use either of the two formulas:

With dashes


Without dashes


To customize the formula, check our tutorials on CONCATENATE and TEXT below:

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