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Google Sheets Merge Cells Shortcut in 4 Simple Steps

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you exactly how to merge cells in Google Sheets. Just follow the simple steps below:

For the purposes of this demonstration a sample sheet was created. Click here to access the sample sheet and follow along at home.

Shortcut to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

While there is no allocated keyboard shortcut to Merge cells in Google Sheets, we can achieve this task by using the toolbar method.

1. Highlight the Cells you want to Merge

Left Click on one of the cells you want to merge then hold down the left mouse key and drag across to the next cell highlighting them both.

For vertical selections, repeat this step but drag the cursor downwards.

Highlighted Cells in Google Sheets

2. Click on the Merge Cells Icon in the Toolbar

On the toolbar there is a ‘Merge Cells’ option, click this to begin the process.

Toolbar Merge Cells selection in Google Sheets

While the Merge Cells tool operates intuitively based on what has been selected, there is a dropdown menu available via an arrow just to the right of the Merge icon that will give you the option to select a horizontal or vertical cell merger.

Merge shortcut dropdown Menu options

3. Click OK on the Content Loss Warning Message

By merging cells, the information that is in the top-leftmost cell will be all that is retained by the spreadsheet. The data in the cell(s) to the right will be lost.  

You will receive the following warning when clicking the Merge Cell function. Make sure that all information you wish to retain is backed up before clicking ’OK’ on this message.

If you would like to merge cells without data loss, then check out our other article about how to merge cells and keep data in Google Sheets.

Data loss warning message from Merge function in Google Sheets

4. The Cells Have Now Been Merged 

The cells have now been merged and only contain the information from the top-leftmost cell, this will also happen with vertical selections.

Merged cells in Google Sheets

In this article we demonstrated the application of how to merge cells in Google Sheets.

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