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How to Insert Video in Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024)

May 8, 2024

How to Insert a Video in Google Sheets

Follow the steps below to add video into Google Sheets. 

1. Select the Cell for the Video

Click on the cell in Google Sheets where you want the video link to appear. This designates where the video will be accessible from.

insert video in google sheets

2. Open the Insert Link Option

Go to the menu bar, click on "Insert," then choose "Link." This step is crucial for embedding the video link into your sheet.

insert video into google sheets

3. Copy the Video URL

Open a new browser tab, navigate to the video you wish to include, and copy its URL from the address bar. Make sure you have the correct video link.

embed video in google sheets

4. Paste the Video URL

Return to Google Sheets and in the "Link" dialog box, paste the copied video URL. Here, you can also enter a text description for the link, making it more informative for users. Click "Apply" to embed the link into the selected cell. 

how to add video to google sheets

5. Test the Video Link

Test the link by clicking on the cell and then on the hyperlink icon that appears. This ensures the video opens correctly in a new tab, verifying the success of your insertion.

how to insert video in google sheets

Embed a Video in Google Sheets

Directly embedding a video to play within Google Sheets itself is not natively supported by Google Sheets. However, you can insert a hyperlink to a video to allow users to click on the link to view the video externally. This method doesn't embed the video for inline playback but provides a straightforward way to link to video content from your sheet.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to insert a video in Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to group tabs in Google Sheets or our article on VSTACK in Google Sheets.

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