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How to Delete Duplicates in Google Sheets [Easiest Way 2024]

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to delete duplicates in google sheets with the data cleanup tool.

For the purpose of the following demonstrations an example sheet was created. Access this and follow along by clicking this link.

Delete Duplicates in Google Sheets With the Data Cleanup Tool

1. Highlight the Entire Data Set and in the File Menu Click Data 

Click on the header cell, drag and highlight the whole data set and from the toolbar click Data.

In our example below we have selected cells A4:A20.

How to delete duplicates in Google Sheets

2. Select “Data Clean up” and then click “Remove Duplicates”

From the dropdown menu in Data, click Data cleanup and then Remove duplicates 

Delete duplicates Google Sheets

3. Select if Your Data has a Header Row and Choose the Column to Analyze

A popup window will appear that will give you different options to remove duplicate data. These options include selecting all data and if a header row is present. 

As our example has a header row, we have clicked Data has header row option.

Note that In the “Columns to analyze” section our header row value has now been recognized. Then Click Remove duplicates.

Delete duplicates in Google Sheets

4. You have Now Deleted The Duplicates From Your Data Set 

A popup window will now reveal how many duplicates were in the data set and how many unique values remain, click Ok to clear this message.

Google Sheets delete duplicate

Our example below shows the original Data set on the left with the duplicates visible and the completed on the right, now with unique values only. 

Delete duplicate Google Spreadsheet‍
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