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How to Create a Folder in Google Sheets (2024 Update)

May 8, 2024

How to Create a Folder in Google Sheets

Below we outline the steps you can follow on how to create a folder in Google Sheets easily:

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Google Sheets files are stored in Google Drive, so you'll start there. Go to Google Drive in your web browser. If you’re not already logged in, enter your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Create a New Folder

Once in Google Drive, find and click the “+ New” button on the left side of the screen. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “New Folder”. A dialog box will pop up asking you to name your new folder. Enter a name for your folder and then click “Create”.

how to create a folder in google sheets
create a folder in google sheets

Step 3: Access Your Google Sheets Files

If you already have Google Sheets files that you want to move into the new folder, navigate to where those files are currently located in your Google Drive. Alternatively, if you want to create a new Google Sheets file directly in the new folder, open the folder you just created.

Step 4: Move Existing Sheets to Your Folder

To move an existing Google Sheets file, right-click on the file. Select "Move" from the context menu. In the pop-up window, navigate to the folder you created and click “Move”.

creating a folder in google sheets
how do i create a folder in google sheets

Step 5: Create a New Google Sheets File in Your Folder

Inside your new folder, click the “+ New” button again. This time, choose “Google Sheets” from the drop-down menu to create a new spreadsheet directly in this folder.

how can i create a folder in google sheets

Step 6: Organize Your Folder

You can add more files or create new ones as needed. You can also create subfolders within this folder for even more organization.

Your new folder, along with any Sheets files in it, will be accessible anytime from your Google Drive.

Remember, any changes you make to files in this folder, including those in Google Sheets, will be automatically saved and can be accessed from any device where you can log into your Google account. This makes it easy to work from anywhere and keep your files organized and accessible.

We hope that this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to create a folder in Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our articles on how to insert an image in Google Sheets and how to enable Google Sheets smooth scrolling.

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