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Google Sheets Task Tracker Template (2024 Update)

May 8, 2024

Google Sheets Task Tracker Template

A task tracker template is essential for enhancing productivity and ensuring the timely completion of projects by organizing and prioritizing tasks effectively. Get a copy of our daily task tracker Google Sheets template here

google sheets task tracker template

Select File > Make a copy.

task tracker google sheets

How to Create a Task Tracker in Google Sheets

Follow the process below to make a daily task tracker in Google Sheets template. 

1. Enter a Custom Name for Your Spreadsheet

Click on "Untitled spreadsheet" at the top. Type "Task Tracker" for your new name and press Enter.

task tracker template google sheets

2. Input Column Headers for Task Tracking

In the first row, type in the following headers: Task Name, Description, Due Date, Status, and Notes. This will organize your tasks. Highlight the first row by clicking on the row number. Click the "Bold" button to make your headers bold. Then, use the "Borders" and "Fill color" options to differentiate your headers visually.

daily task tracker google sheets template

3. Fill In Task Details Under Each Column

Under each header, start entering the details of your tasks. Fill in information relevant to each column for every task you want to track.

4. Implement Data Validation for Task Status Selection

Select the cells under the Status column, go to Data > Data Validation.

task tracking google sheets

Select "Add rule".

how to create a task tracker in google sheets

Under Criteria, choose "Dropdown," and type "Not Started, In Progress, Completed" in the text boxes. Click "Done". This creates a dropdown menu in the Status column.

task tracking template google sheets

5. Organize Tasks Chronologically by Due Date

Highlight the cells containing your tasks, go to Data > Sort range> Advanced range sorting options.

Tick the box next to "Data has header row". Select the Due Date column as your sort criteria. This organizes your tasks by their due dates.

6. Apply Conditional Formatting to Visualize Task Status

Click on the cells in the Status column, navigate to Format > Conditional formatting, and set up rules to change cell colors based on the task's status.

For example, you might want "Not Started" to be red, "In Progress" to be yellow, and "Completed" to be green.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create a Google Sheets task tracker template. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to set up Google Sheets ternary.

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