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How to Remove Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets [2024 Method]

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you exactly how to remove duplicate rows in Google Sheets. Just follow the simple steps below:

For the purposes of this demonstration a sample sheet was created. Click here to access this sheet and follow along with the tutorial.

Removing Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets

1. Highlight Entire Field of Data 

To select all the data in your sheet, left click and hold the top most left cell and drag the mouse to cover your entire field of data. 

An alternate method of selection would be to click anywhere in the data field, press and hold CTRL + A for PC and ⌘-key + A for MAC for the whole data field to be selected.

All Data Selected in Google Sheets

2. In the Toolbar Select: Data > Data Cleanup > Remove Duplicates 

Go to the Toolbar and click data. From the dropdown menu go to ‘Data Cleanup’ and in this sub menu click ‘Remove Duplicates’ 

Toolbar Data Clean up functions in Google Sheets

3. In the Remove Duplicates Menu Click on Data Header Rows to Remove

Before the duplicates are removed, a box will appear that will ask if your data set has a header. It is advisable to click this as leaving it unticked would lead to any duplicate headings being removed as well as data.

When checked the name of the data headers will appear in the analytics. Click the ‘Remove Duplicates’ button to activate the function.

Header Row identification before Duplicates Deleted in Google Sheets 

4. Click on on the Pop Up

The Duplicate rows have been removed and a notification will display how many have been deleted and how many remain. 

Duplicate rows successfully deleted in Google Sheets


Step 5: Duplicate Data Removed 

The duplicate data rows have been removed and the sheet now only has unique fields remaining.

Data field with no duplicates in Google Sheets

We hope this article has helped you on how to remove duplicate rows in Google Sheets. You might also like our article on how to use the shortcut to delete rows in Google Sheets and our tutorial on how to group rows in Google Sheets.

On a side note, we also recommend reading our guide on how to set a reminder on Google Sheets to optimize your workflow.

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