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Google Sheets: Get Random Number From a List With No Repeats

May 8, 2024

Get a Random Number From a List With No Repeats in Google Sheets

To generate a random number from a list with no repeats in Google Sheets, you can use a combination of built-in functions. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Prepare Your List 

Start by entering the items of your list in a column. For example, you could enter your list in column A, starting from A1.

google sheets random from list no repeats

Step 2: Generate a Randomized List

Next to your list, in column B, create a helper column that will be used to randomize the list.  In cell B1, enter the formula:


This function generates a random decimal number between 0 and 1.

google sheets random from list with no repeats

Click on the cell B1, and then drag the fill handle (the small dot at the bottom right corner of the cell) down to apply this formula to the same number of rows as your list in column A.

random from list no repeats google sheets

Note: Each time you or someone else opens the Google Sheets document or when the sheet recalculates, the RAND() function will generate new random numbers, thereby shuffling the list again.

Step 3: Sort the List Randomly

In a new column, say column C, use the SORT function to sort your original list based on the random numbers in the helper column. The formula in cell C1 would look like:


This formula sorts column A (your list) based on the values in column B (the random numbers), in ascending order (TRUE).

google sheets how to get random from list no repeats
google sheets get random number from list no repeats

We hope that this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to generate a random number from a list with no repeats in Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our articles on how to find and replace blank cells in Google Sheets and how to use SPARKLINE in Google Sheets to make a progress bar.

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