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How to Fix Google Sheets Not Saving (2024 Guide)

How to Fix Google Sheets Not Saving Changes

If Google Sheets is not saving your changes, there could be several reasons and solutions to try:

Reset Your Browser

Ensure your browser is up to date since newer versions are better equipped with the latest security protocols and technologies.

Resetting your browser settings to default can also help clear any corrupt files or settings that might be causing problems​​.

google sheets not saving

Enable Offline Access

Enabling Offline Access in Google Sheets can help prevent data loss, especially when working without an internet connection. This feature ensures that changes are saved locally and synced back to Google Sheets once an internet connection is restored. 

To enable offline access, go to the File menu in Google Sheets and select "Make available offline​."

google sheets not saving changes

Recover Your File

If a file fails to save because it was accidentally deleted, you might recover it from Google Drive's Trash. Checking the Trash and restoring any mistakenly deleted files can resolve saving issues​​.

changes not saving in google sheets

Verify Document Status

Google Sheets automatically saves your changes as long as you're connected to the internet. You can verify that changes have been saved by looking for a cloud icon with a checkmark next to the file name.

why is google sheets not saving
google sheets is not saving changes

Additionally, the version history feature in the top right corner allows you to see when the file was last saved and by which user​​.

google sheets is not saving
how to fix google sheets not saving

Improve Sheet Performance

If the issue is related to performance (for example, Google Sheets is slow or unresponsive, which might affect saving), consider replacing formula cells with static values, being specific with formula ranges, minimizing the use of conditional formatting, and avoiding functions that require recalculating the entire sheet on any change.

Check Permissions and Extensions 

Check if you have the appropriate permissions to edit the Sheet, as you might be in view-only mode.

fix google sheets not saving
why is my google sheet not saving

Additionally, browser extensions can sometimes conflict with Google Sheets. Try disabling extensions or using Incognito mode to identify if an extension is causing the issue​​.

Clear Cache and App Data 

Clearing your browser's cache and cookies or the app's data on mobile devices can resolve issues preventing Google Sheets from saving your edits. 

changes not saving google sheets

We hope that this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of what to do with changes not saving in Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our articles on how to split a cell diagonally in Google Sheets and how to use XMATCH in Google Sheets.

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