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How to Make a Google Sheets Inventory Template (Free in 2024)

May 8, 2024

Google Sheets Inventory Template

Get a copy of our free inventory spreadsheet in Google Sheets here.

google sheets inventory template

Select File > Make a copy.

inventory template google sheets

How to Make a Google Sheets Inventory Template

Follow the steps below to create a simple Google Sheets inventory template. 

1. Rename Your Spreadsheet and Input Descriptive Headers for Inventory Details

Rename your spreadsheet to "Inventory Template" by clicking on the title at the top. In the first row, input headers such as "Item Name", "Category", "Quantity", "Unit Price", and "Total Value". Highlight the header row and use formatting options to make the text bold and center it.

inventory spreadsheet google sheets

2. Populate the Spreadsheet with Inventory Items and Their Details

Start inputting your inventory below the headers. Each item gets its own row, with details filled out under the corresponding headers.

inventory google sheets

3. Implement Formulas to Calculate Total Values Automatically

To calculate the total value of each item, use a formula. In the "Total Value" column, type =, click the "Quantity" cell for that row, type *, then click the "Unit Price" cell, and press Enter.

inventory tracker google sheets

Drag the formula down to apply the same formula for the rest of the rows.

4. Highlight Key Information Using Conditional Formatting (Optional)

To highlight important information, like low stock, select the "Quantity" column and use conditional formatting.

Set rules such as highlighting in red when quantities are below a certain threshold.

5. Freeze the Top Row to Keep Headers in View While Scrolling

To keep your headers in view while scrolling, go to View > Freeze, then select "1 row."

6. Optionally Protect Your Spreadsheet to Avoid Unintended Changes

To prevent unintended modifications, right-click the sheet tab at the bottom, choose "Protect sheet," and follow the prompts.

Inventory Template in Google Sheets 

Below are some free inventory spreadsheets in Google Sheets that you can use. Click on the links and make a copy of the spreadsheet that you prefer.

Equipment Tracking Template for Offices

Retail Stock Inventory Template

Event Planning Inventory Template

Personal Asset Inventory Template

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create a Google Sheets inventory template. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to insert a page break in Google Sheets or our article on how to use the IMPORTFROMWEB in Google Sheets. 

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