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How to Freeze Multiple Rows in Google Sheets (The Easy Way!)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to freeze multiple rows in google sheets. This allows you to keep rows visible while scrolling so you can easily understand a large data set.

We can freeze multiple rows by applying freeze up to the desired row. We can do this by using the menu method or by utilizing the drag to freeze feature in Google Sheets.

Click here to access our sample spreadsheet and follow along with the tutorial.

Example 1 - Using the Freeze Menu

Step 1: Select a Cell in the Row you Want to Freeze up to

In the dataset highlight any cell in the desired row. This is the row we will freeze up to which will freeze multiple rows at the same time. In this example we want to lock all rows up to row 7 so we will select a cell in this row.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows

Step 2: Click View > Freeze > Up to row

From the top toolbar select View followed by Freeze to display the freeze options. Here you will see Up to row (row number). In this example it will state Up to row 7.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows: Menu method

Step 3: Scroll to See the Results

You can now scroll and see that the multiple rows up to row 7 are now frozen in place.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows: Results

Example 2 - How to Use the Drag to Freeze Method

Step 1: Hover Your Mouse Above the First Row Label

The grey line above the label of row 1 is the freeze line. When you hover over this line the cursor turns to a hand icon.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows: Drag to freeze method

Step 2: Click and Drag the Freeze Line to the Target Row

Click and drag the grey line underneath the label of the target row and release to apply the freeze. In this example we will drag the freeze line down to Row 7.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows: Drag to row

Step 3: Scroll to See the Results

Scroll the page and you will now see the freeze has been applied to every row up to the target row.

Google Sheets freeze multiple rows: Results
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