Add Real-Time Crypto Prices to Google Sheets (2023 Update)

In this article we will show how to add real time crypto prices to google sheets with the GOOGLEFINANCE function. Simply follow the steps below.

Add Crypto Prices to Google Sheets Using GOOGLEFINANCE Function


The GOOGLEFINANCE function uses the following syntax for crypto prices:



Ticker is the symbol for the crypto in google finance that you want to import into your sheet. It should be enclosed in double quotes. 

GOOGLEFINANCE can import the current prices for a given crypto. Here are the steps:

1. Identify The Crypto to Import

What we need to identify is the crypto and its corresponding ticker in Google Finance. For example, we want to import Bitcoin prices. Go to and then search for Bitcoin. We will be able to reach the following page:

Import real time crypto prices google finance, check page for crypto coin ticker

The URL to this page is

What we need is the code after the /quote/ portion. It is BTC-USD. This is the ticker we need to import Bitcoin prices to our Google Sheets 

2. Use Formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker)

Using the syntax =GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker), the formula becomes


Where the ticker is enclosed in double quotes. Just type the formula where you want to insert the Bitcoin price. 

How to import real time crypto price, using googlefinance function

3. Press Enter

The cell will initially show “Loading”, and then the current price will appear.

Imported real time crypto price via googlefinance function

You have now imported crypto prices via GOOGLEFINANCE!


How to Set GOOGLEFINANCE to Import Latest Price Every Minute?

You can do so by setting Google Sheets to automatically recalculate every minute. Click File, then select Settings.

Automate import real time crypto price google finance, click file, select settings

A box labeled Settings for this spreadsheet appears. Click the Calculation tab, then click the drop-down box under the label Recalculation. Select On change and every minute

Automate import real time crypto price google finance, click calculation tab, select on change and every minute

Click Save settings. The sheet should recalculate every minute. 

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