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Barcode Generator in Google Sheets [2024 Update]

May 8, 2024

How to Generate Barcodes in Google Sheets

1. Copy the Barcode Code Generator Template by

First, copy the template by clicking the link below.

Google Sheets Barcode Generator by

A tab containing a prompt asking you to copy the spreadsheet to your Google account appears. Click Make a copy.

 google sheets barcode‍

You will get a copy of the template with the following sheet:

google sheets barcode generator‍

2. Click Barcode Generator then select Load Generator

You will notice that the template looks just like a black Google Sheets spreadsheet, with the addition of a Barcode Generator option in the main menu. Click it, then select Load Generator. 

create barcode in google sheets‍

Since this is the first time to run the sidebar, you will be asked to authorize the script attached to the spreadsheet. Click OK.

Authorization required to generate barcode in google sheets‍

A new window will load. You will be asked first to choose the Google account that will run the script. Select the account you are using in the list. Most of the time, only the active account will be listed. 

Select account to run the generator‍

You will next get the message that Google hasn’t verified the script. Click the small link labeled Advanced. Another link will appear below it. Click Go to barcodesidebar(unsafe).

Continue using the script even if it is not verified‍

Next, a list of permissions needed by the script will be listed. 

Click allow to let the script run with the given permissions needed

Click Allow. The window will close.

Click Barcode Generator again, then select Load Generator. The sidebar will now load. 

barcode generator google sheets

3. Select the Barcode Type

There are several specifications for the barcodes, having different ways of encoding the data. For our example, we use the GS1 DataBar specification. Click the drop-down box, then select GS1 DataBar.

Select barcode type in generator‍

The drop-down box will close with your selected option displayed, and the maximum number of characters shown on the lower-left corner of the textbox.

barcode google sheets‍

4. Input the Barcode Data

You can now input the barcode data. Insert it to the textbox below the drop-down box.

how to create barcode in google sheets‍

If your string input is longer than the maximum length specified by the barcode type, the string is truncated to fit the maximum length. 

5. Click Generate GS1 Barcode

To finally get the barcode, click Generate GS1 Barcode. The barcode is quickly generated!

barcode in google sheets‍

You can save a copy by clicking Download Barcode. You can also add the barcode to the sheet by right-clicking the barcode, then selecting Copy image, then pasting it anywhere in the sheet.

Generate barcode in google sheets‍

Convinced? Here is the link again to copy the barcode generator:

Google Sheets Barcode Generator by

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