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Connect Google Sheets to Discord (Easiest Way in 2024)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show how to connect discord to google sheets in just a few simple steps with the google sheets integration for slack and with Lido.

Connect Google Sheets to Discord

In the steps below we will set up a script to send a message to Discord whenever the sheet is edited. Here are the steps:

1. Create a new Webhook

Discord webhooks allow you to push automated messages and data into a discord channel. To set one, hover the cursor over the channel name that you want to send messages to.

connect google sheets to discord

A gear icon will appear named Edit Channel. Click it. 

After loading the channel settings, click Integrations in the left sidebar.

discord to google sheets

On the Integrations page, the option Webhooks is listed. Click Create Webhook.

A new webhook will be automatically generated. Click it to change its name and copy the URL.

We will come back to this page as we need the webhook url for the next step.

2. Insert the Script into Google Sheets

To start, click Extensions then select Apps Script.

A new tab will appear for Google Apps Script.

Delete the sample code in the code body, then copy the code from the following link: 

Once you copied the code, paste it to the Apps Script code area. Edit the code to replace the following:

discord_webhook: the webhook URL to the Discord channel. To get it, go back to the tab where you have the webhook open, then click Copy Webhook URL.

Go back to Apps Script. The line where you need to add the webhook is in line 8:

Once you are done, click the Save button.

3. Install a Trigger to Run the Script

We also need to install a trigger to ensure the script runs correctly. In the Apps Script tab, hover your cursor over the left sidebar. A list will appear. Click Triggers

The list of triggers will appear. Click Add Trigger on the lower-left corner of Apps Script.

A box labeled Add Trigger for Untitled project will appear. Use the following settings:

Choose which function to run: onEdit

Choose which deployment should run: Head

Select event source: From spreadsheet

Select event type: On open

Failure notification settings: Notify me daily

Click Save afterwards. 

4. Authorize the Script

You will need to authorize the script first. A new window will be loaded asking you to choose a Google account. Most of the time, only the account you are using to create the sheet will be listed. Select it.

A warning saying that Google hasn’t verified the app will appear. Click the link labeled Advanced at the bottom of the message. A link labeled Go to Untitled project (unsafe) will appear. Click it. 

A list of permissions needed by the app will be listed next. Click Allow.

The window will close and you will be brought back to the Google Sheets. The trigger you set will now appear listed. 

5. Run the Script

Hover your cursor to the left sidebar again, then click Editor

Click Run the selected function.

After running the function, you can now close the Apps Script tab and go back to Google Sheets tab. When you do an edit, it will send a notification to Discord containing the sheet name and the cell or range you edited:

Now you have connected google sheets to Discord.

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to connect Google Sheets to Discord. You might also like our articles on how to connect Slack to Google Sheets and how to export Google Ads data to Google Sheets.

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