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How to Add New Products to Your Shopify Store

May 8, 2024

Once you have created your Shopify store, you probably want to display your products. Follow these simple steps to add your products to your Shopify store:

Step 1: Click on the Products on the left panel. The following will be displayed to your browser:

Products tab on Shopify admin account
The products page lists the existing products in your store.

Step 2: Click on the Add product button on the upper-right corner of the page. This will bring you to the Add product page. Fill in the form with the name of your product on the Title box and its description on the Description box below. As you can see, you can format the description using basic format options found in the word processors. 

Add product page: title and description boxes.

Step 3: To add pictures of your product, scroll down to the Media box. You can either click on Add file or drag the photo file to the box. You can add more than one picture!

Add media section of products
Three eggs.

Step 4: To add the price, scroll down to the Pricing box. You can add the price of the product, its original price (important when you are putting the item on sale!), and the cost per item. While the cost per item is not required, it is needed by Shopify to automatically calculate the cost of goods sold (COGS) and the resulting gross profit

Pricing information added: the price and the cost per item.

Step 5: The next box, the Inventory box, is where you can add the quantity of the product in stock, available for order. You can also include the SKU, or the stock keeping unit, which is essentially your own code to easily identify products. There are two checkboxes you can tick, one for Track quantity, and the other for Continue selling when out of stock. If you can easily restock the product that is easily sold out, you can tick the latter option. 

Inventory code and quantities available.

Step 6: You can add the weight of the product on the next box, the Shipping box. If you are selling a service, not a product, untick the This is a physical product checkbox. 

Shipping information. The weight is required if a physical product

If the product comes outside the US or you want to sell the item abroad, you should disclose the Country/Region of origin and its HS (Harmonized System) code. Else you can skip them.

Step 7: The next boxes are the following:

  • The Variants box is where you include the different variants of the product. You have to check the checkbox beside This product has multiple options, like different sizes or colors to add the existing variants.
  • The Search engine listing preview displays what the product will look like when someone searches for it via Google or any other search engine. 
  • The Product availability box lists the sales channels you use where the product can be displayed. 
  • The Organization box is where you can add tags to the product and add them to collections. 

Step 8:  When you are done, click Save. 

Your product is now available online!

Mock product showing on Shopify store
Our product, now available in the store. 

It’s more likely that your product is a part of a collection you offer to your customers. The next step, therefore, is to add them to a collection. But how? You can continue to our next tutorial: How to Make Collections on Shopify.

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