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PDF to Text Converter (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to convert PDF to text using Lido's PDF to text converter tool. Simply follow the process below.

How to Convert PDF to Text

For this guide on how to convert your PDF file to text, we'll be using Lido, a spreadsheet developed to automate and simplify repetitive tasks. You can create an account using this link:

Step 1: Create a new Lido file. 

Start by logging into your Lido account. Create a new file from the Files section, setting up a fresh spreadsheet where you will manage the text extracted from your PDF.

Step 2: Go to the File menu and select the PDF Importer tool.

Navigate to the File menu located at the top of your Lido interface. Select "Import from PDF" from the dropdown options. This will launch the PDF Importer tool, which is specifically designed to extract textual data from PDF documents and convert it into a spreadsheet format.

pdf to text

Step 3: Upload the PDF document you would like to convert to text.

Use the PDF Importer tool to upload the PDF from which you want to extract text. Make sure you choose the correct PDF file that contains the information you need.

pdf to text converter

Step 4: Adjust the selected area to encompass the text you intend to convert from PDF to text and click "Extract data."

After uploading your PDF, use the tool to select the area of the document containing the text you want to convert. Adjust the selection box to precisely cover the text, then click "Extract data" to begin the extraction process.

convert pdf to text

Step 5: Ensure the text has been correctly converted from PDF and then click "Insert at active cell".

Once the text is extracted, it will appear for you to review. Ensure that the tool has accurately captured the text as intended. If satisfied, click "Insert at active cell" to place the text into the spreadsheet at the selected cell.

If more text needs extraction, click "Back" to adjust your selection or extract more sections. Close the tool by clicking the X in the top right corner when done.

convert pdf file to text

Step 6: After selecting the column of text in the spreadsheet, press Cmd-C on Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows to copy it.

Highlight the column or cells where the text now resides in your spreadsheet. Use Cmd-C on a Mac or Ctrl-C on a Windows machine to copy the selected text.

pdf into text converter

Step 7: To paste it in the place where you want it, press Cmd-V on Mac or Ctrl-V on Windows. 

Navigate to the application or document where you want to use the extracted text (like an empty Google Docs document). Use Cmd-V on a Mac or Ctrl-V on Windows to paste the text into the desired location.

Here is an example of pasting the above text into an empty Google Doc:

pdf to plain text

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to convert PDF to text.

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