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Is Firebase Open Source? (2024 Update)

In this article we will explore if firebase is open source or not and explore some of the implications of this.

is firebase open source

Firebase: Open Source or Not?

Firebase is not an open-source platform. It is a proprietary Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform provided by Google.

Closed Source Components

Firebase is composed of several components, most of which are closed source:

  • Realtime Database: Firebase's real-time NoSQL database
  • Cloud Firestore: Scalable NoSQL cloud database
  • Cloud Functions: Serverless functions allowing developers to execute code in response to events
  • Authentication: A complete authentication solution supporting various sign-in methods
  • Cloud Storage: File storage with built-in security rules
  • Hosting: Web hosting service with CDN support
  • Cloud Messaging: Service for sending push notifications and messages to users

Open Source Libraries

While Firebase itself is not open source, it does offer several open-source libraries and SDKs for developers:

Firebase SDK: Open-source libraries for various platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web

FirebaseUI: A set of open-source libraries for building user interfaces using Firebase services

Admin SDK: Open-source libraries for server-side integration with Firebase

Why Firebase's Closed Source Nature Matters

The closed-source nature of Firebase brings several implications for developers:

Limited Customization: Developers cannot modify the source code of Firebase services, which restricts the level of customization.

Dependence on Google: Using Firebase means relying on Google's infrastructure and services, which may lead to concerns about vendor lock-in.

Privacy and Data Control: Data stored on Firebase is managed by Google, which may raise privacy concerns for some users.


Firebase is not open source, but it does provide open-source libraries and SDKs for developers. While the closed-source nature of Firebase has some drawbacks, it also offers a range of powerful, easy-to-use services that make it an attractive choice for many app developers.

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