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Firebase Pricing - How Much Does Firebase Cost in 2024?

In this article, we will discuss Firebase pricing plans, limits, and exact pricing in $USD for each service under these plans.

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Firebase Free (Spark) Plan

The Spark Plan is a completely free tier that offers a generous amount of resources to help you kick-start your app development journey. Ideal for developers who are just starting out or testing their applications, the Spark Plan provides access to several Firebase services with usage limits. Here's a summary of the main features and limits of the Spark Plan:

Realtime Database

  • 1 GB of storage
  • 100 simultaneous connections
  • 10 GB/month data transfer (download)


  • 1 GiB of storage
  • 50,000 reads per day
  • 20,000 writes per day
  • 20,000 deletes per day

Cloud Functions

  • 125,000 invocations/month
  • 40,000 GB-seconds/month
  • 40,000 CPU-seconds/month
  • 5 GB/month of outbound network data


  • 10,000 verifications/month for phone authentication
  • Unlimited for other authentication methods


  • 1 GB storage
  • 10 GB/month data transfer (download)


  • 5 GB storage
  • 20,000 upload operations/month
  • 50,000 download operations/month
  • 1 GB/month data transfer (download)

Test Lab

  • 10 tests per day on physical devices
  • 5 tests per day on virtual devices

Keep in mind that if you reach these limits you will need to upgrade to the Blaze plan.

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Firebase Pay-as-you-go (Blaze) Plan

The Blaze Plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers greater flexibility and scalability for developers with growing needs. With no fixed monthly costs, you only pay for the resources you consume. The Blaze Plan also includes a free tier with the same limits as the Spark Plan. Below are the costs and limits for each Firebase service under the Blaze Plan:

Realtime Database Pricing

  • $5/GB/month for storage
  • No cost but 200k simultaneous connections per database
  • $1/GB for data transfer (download) after the first 10 GB/month

Firestore Pricing

  • Document reads: $0.06 per 100,000 reads
  • Document writes: $0.18 per 100,000 writes
  • Document deletes: $0.02 per 100,000 deletes
  • Stored data: $0.18 per GiB per month
  • Network egress: $0.12 per GiB (first 10 GiB per month are free)

Cloud Functions Pricing

  • $0.40/million invocations after the first 2 million free invocations/month
  • Variable pricing for compute time based on allocated resources (memory and CPU)
  • $0.12/GB for outbound network data after the first 5 GB/month

Authentication Pricing

  • $0.01/verification for phone authentication after the first 10,000 verifications/month
  • Unlimited for other authentication methods

Hosting Pricing

  • $0.026/GB/month for storage
  • $0.15/GB for data transfer (download) after the first 10 GB/month

Storage Pricing

  • $0.026/GB/month for storage
  • $0.05/10K upload operations
  • $0.004/10K download operations
  • $0.12/GB for data transfer (download) after the first 1 GB/month

Test Lab Pricing

Variable pricing for device usage (depends on device type, specifications, and test duration)

Remember to check the Firebase Pricing page at for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on pricing, as rates may change over time.


Firebase pricing is pay as you go and is based on the usage costs outlined in the Blaze plan section of this article. We recommend using the pricing calculator on the firebase pricing page linked above to get a better idea of how much your app will cost to run based on expected metrics.

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