How to Set Monthly Reminders on iPhone (Easiest Way in 2024)

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In this article, we will show you how to set monthly reminders on iPhone to help you stay organized. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Set Monthly Reminders on iPhone

Follow the steps below to set up monthly reminders on iPhone and ensure you never miss important dates or tasks. 

1. Locate and Open the Reminders App on iPhone  

Find the Reminders app on your iPhone's home screen. It has an icon with a checklist design. Tap this icon to open the app.

how to set monthly reminder on iphone

2. Tap 'New Reminder' to Initiate a Reminder Creation  

Inside the Reminders app, look for and tap the button labeled "New Reminder". This action starts the process of creating a new reminder.

how to set a monthly reminder on iphone

3. Type in the Description of your Reminder. 

In the new reminder space, type in what you need to be reminded of. For example, you can type 'Pay monthly rent' or 'Monthly doctor's appointment'.

how to set up monthly reminders on iphone

4. Select 'Details' to Set Date and Time 

Next to your newly typed reminder, find and tap the 'Details' button.

how to set monthly reminders on iphone

This opens options for setting the date, time, and other specifics for your reminder.

5. Choose 'Repeat' and Set to Monthly  

In the details menu, select 'Repeat' and set it to 'Monthly.' This will schedule your reminder to occur once every month. 

6. Finalize and Save by Tapping 'Add' 

After setting the reminder to repeat monthly, finalize your setup by tapping the 'Add' button. This saves your reminder into the system.

7. Verify Your Reminder in the Main List  

Go back to the Reminders app's main screen. Check to ensure your new monthly reminder is listed among any others you have set.

8. Edit Your Reminder and Save with 'Done'  

If you need to modify your reminder later, tap on it to open the edit mode.

Make your changes and then tap 'Done' to save these updates.

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