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Dashboards as a Service

Discover how Lido is becoming a market leader in dashboards as a service (Daas) space. Click the link below to try Lido for yourself!

  • Pull Data From Multiple Platforms
  • Easily Visualize Key Metrics
  • Pre-built & Custom Templates
  • One Click Data Import
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What are dashboards as a service (Daas)?

A dashboard as a service (DaaS) is a cloud service that allows companies to easily visualize data from multiple different sources in a single dashboard in order to track key performance indicators (KPIs) across their entire business or for specific departments such as inventory, marketing, and sales.

Why use a DaaS Provider?

  1. Easy-to-use - they are designed so that its users can easily create a dashboard via a drag and drop builder.
  2. One Click Data Import - You can easily connect to platforms via log in credentials and pull in data at the click of a button. No more needing to deal with custom code or developers.
  3. Visualize KPIs - It's easy to get lost in a sea of data, with Lido you can pull in data from multiple sources, group it into meaningful categories and then output it in a chart so you can easily track major KPIs. This allows top level evexcutives to track overall company performance in real-time or indivudal departments to track their performance. The use cases are numerous!
  4. Accessible everywhere - Since the dashboards you create are hosted in the cloud, this also makes it easier to share with different members of your team or clients. This is particularly popular with agency owners who want to share key performance indicators of a marketing campaign with their clients but has many other use cases.
  5. Never Lose Data Again - Because a DaaS is hosted in the cloud, all of your data is backed up in real time so you never need to worry about losing data again.
  6. Enterprise Grade Security - Security is expensive and difficult to manage as it requires constant updates and maintenance. A DaaS provider like Lido takes care of all of this for you so you can spend more time focusing on what's important for your company

Making your dashboard with Lido (2 Simple Steps)

Lido is a prime example of a dashboard as a service (DaaS). Lido allows you to seamlessly integrate data from different sources and then create a dashboard showcasing it. You can summarize them into two steps:

Step 1: Connect data sources to Lido

1.a: Click Data on the upper-left corner of Lido, then select the source from the list:

1.b: Either input access details (such as API keys) or log in through another tab or window:

1.c: After successfully connecting, you will be redirected to the Database Editor, where you can select tables, or even specific rows or columns, to import.

1.d: Once you have finished selecting your data, click Save dataset & edit view in the top right corner.  The data is now loaded to your Lido spreadsheet.

Step 2: Assemble the dashboard

2.a: Click the Dashboard on the top of the Lido spreadsheet. A blank space will appear where you can add components by clicking the Components tab on the right side and dragging the components into your dashboard.

2.b: Drag-and-drop components from the Components sidebar. Some of the components you can add are the charts, tables, metrics (Lido’s version of scoreboard charts of Google Sheets), and even maps!

Once you have finished constructing your dashboard, click Preview on the upper-right corner to see how the dashboard will look once deployed. 

If you are satisfied, click Share to share your dashboard with others!

Click the Button Below to Try Lido for FREE!

  • Pull Data From Multiple Platforms
  • Easily Visualize Key Metrics
  • Pre-built & Custom Templates
  • One Click Data Import
100% FREE - No Credit Card Required