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How to Use Google Calendar as a Planner (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to use a Google Calendar as a planner. Simply follow the process below.

How to Use a Google Calendar as a Planner

Follow the simple steps below to use a Google Calendar as a planner.

1. Add New Event by Clicking on Calendar Date

Begin by creating a new event. Simply click on the date in Google Calendar, then use the 'Create' or '+ Create' button. Enter the event details like name, location, and time.

how to use google calendar as a planner

2. Enter Detailed Information in the Event Creation Window

Enhance your event by adding more information. Use the event creation window to include descriptions, guest invites, or set the event as recurring.

3. Set Reminders for Events via Edit Option

Ensure you don't miss events by setting reminders. Click on an event and select 'More options.'

Choose your preferred reminder method and timing.

4. Share Calendar Using 'Settings and Sharing' Option

Share your calendar for better coordination. Click the three dots next to your calendar.

Choose 'Settings and sharing', and set your sharing preferences.

Share with specific people by selecting 'Add people and groups' or make it public for broader access by ticking the checkbox next to 'Make available to public'.

5. Create Additional Calendars for Different Purposes

Organize various aspects of your life by creating multiple calendars. Click '+' next to 'Other calendars.'

Select 'Create new calendar.'

Customize your new calendar by adding a name, description and modifying time zone settings.

6. Color-Code Events for Easy Identification

Quickly identify different events by color-coding. Click on an event, select 'Edit.'

Choose a color that represents the type of event or its priority.

7. Include Locations in Events for Better Planning

Add locations to your events for efficient planning. When creating or editing an event, use the 'Location' field to help with travel planning and directions.

8. Sync Google Calendar with Other Apps

Expand Calendar's functionality by syncing with other apps. Select the gear icon and click 'Settings.'

Click 'Add Calendar', and select options like 'From URL' for integration.

9. Select Different Calendar Views like 'Agenda' or 'Week'

Choose the best view for your needs, such as 'Agenda' or 'Week'. Find these view options at the top right of the calendar for a customized scheduling perspective.

10. Edit or Delete Events with Confirmation

To change an event, click it and select 'Edit'.

After making updates, save them.

To delete an event, click on it and select the trash bin icon.

A confirmation prompt will appear.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use a Google Calendar as a planner. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to sync Outlook and Google Calendar or our article on how to transfer Google Calendar to another account.

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