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How to Connect Google Calendar to Slack (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to connect Google Calendar to Slack. We will also cover how to remove Google Calendar from Slack. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Connect Google Calendar to Slack

Follow the simple steps below to sync Slack with Google Calendar and enhance your scheduling and communication efficiency.

1. Find and Select 'Google Calendar' in Slack App Directory

Open Slack and navigate to your workspace to integrate Slack with Google Calendar. Look for the 'Apps' section on the left sidebar or use the search bar at the top to find 'Google Calendar' in the Slack App Directory.

how to connect google calendar to slack

2. Add Google Calendar to Your Slack Workspace

Once you've found the Google Calendar app in the directory, click 'Add to Slack'. This button initiates the process of integrating Google Calendar with your Slack workspace.

how to connect slack to google calendar

Select 'Allow' to integrate Google Calendar and Slack.

how to connect slack with google calendar

3. Log In and Authorize Your Google Account for Slack

A new window will open asking you to log into your Google account.

how to connect slack and google calendar

Enter your credentials and follow the prompts to grant Slack permission to access your Google Calendar.

how to sync slack with google calendar

4. Set Up Calendar Sync and Notification Preferences

After linking your Google account, you'll be redirected to a settings page in Slack.

how to sync google calendar with slack

Here, select the specific Google calendars you want to sync and configure how you want to receive notifications for events and reminders.

how to link google calendar to slack

5. Verify Integration by Creating a Test Event in Google Calendar

To ensure the integration is working, go to Google Calendar and create a test event. Then, check your Slack workspace to see if the event shows up and if the reminders are working as configured.

how to link slack to google calendar

6. Access and Manage Calendar Events Directly in Slack

In Slack, click on the Google Calendar app in the left sidebar. Here, you can view upcoming events, respond to invitations, and manage your schedule. Use the options provided to adjust event details or respond to invites.

how to integrate google calendar with slack

7. Personalize Slack Notifications for Calendar Events

In Slack, click on your profile picture, then go to 'Preferences'. Under 'Notifications', find settings related to Google Calendar.

how to integrate slack with google calendar

Customize how you receive notifications for calendar events – choose alert types and timing preferences.

how to sync google calendar to slack

8. Regularly Update and Review Google Calendar Settings in Slack

Keep your Slack and Google Calendar apps updated. Regularly review the integration settings in Slack to ensure they align with your current scheduling needs and preferences.

How to Remove Google Calendar from Slack

Follow the simple steps below to remove Google Calendar from Slack. 

1. Open Slack and Access Google Calendar App Settings

Open Slack and go to your workspace. Find the Google Calendar app in the 'Apps' section or on your sidebar. Click on it to open its interface and then access the app's settings.

how to link slack with google calendar

2. Locate and Click on 'Remove App' or 'Uninstall'

Within the Google Calendar app settings, look for the option to Disconnect Calendar'.

how to remove google calendar from slack

3. Confirm the Removal of Google Calendar from Slack

When you select to remove or uninstall the app, a confirmation dialog will pop up. Confirm your decision to proceed with removing the Google Calendar app from your Slack workspace.

4. Check if Google Calendar is Successfully Removed

After confirming the removal, check your Slack workspace to ensure that the Google Calendar app has been completely removed. It should no longer appear in your 'Apps' section or sidebar.

5. Adjust Your Slack Notifications Settings if Needed

With Google Calendar removed, consider adjusting your notification settings in Slack. Visit your profile settings to modify your notification preferences as needed.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to link Google Calendar to Slack and how to remove Google Calendar from Slack. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to make your Google Calendar aesthetic to another account or our article on why is my Google Calendar not syncing.

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