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Related Questions for the Bounce Rate Calculator

What exactly does bounce rate measure?
By definition, bounce rate is “the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (‘bounce’) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site”. More specifically, we like to look at bounce rate as the tool to best identify your most- and least-engaging pages.

How do I find Number of Bounces and/or Number of Entrances?
In order to find Number of Bounces and/or Number of Entrances, you first need to set up a web analytics tool on your website, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Hubspot, etc. From there, you should be able to find bounces and entrances for the entire website or for a certain page.

Can't I just find the bounce rate on my web analytics app?
Usually, your bounce rate is available on web analytics apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Hubspot, etc. However, if you want to find the bounce rate across a certain set of pages, then you may want to sum up the bounces and entrances, then calculate that particular bounce rate on our calculator. Alternatively, if you have an expected/desired number of bounces and entrances, you can use our calculator to calculate the theoretical bounce rate.

Do you have other calculators?
Users who visit this page frequently visit our Pinterest engagement rate calculator page to calculate the engagement rate on their Pinterest marketing campaigns. Check it out!

Create a Bounce Rate Calculator with Lido?

While bounce rate is easy to calculate, it’s important to keep in mind that bounce rate is one of many valuable metrics to track your performance. If you don’t want to spend hours at the end of the month juggling numbers from your Google Analytics and Facebook accounts, consider trying Lido. Lido can help you build a dashboard to monitor your data and give a look into how your key metrics (such as bounce rate) change over time. With that, we invite you to check out our integrations for the following platforms below:

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