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Email table generator

Copy and paste in tabular data from Excel, Google Sheets, or a CSV and convert it into an HTML table.
Email Table Generator


Frequently asked questions

Where can I use this HTML table?

You can use this generated HTML table code in most websites and blog posts (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Webflow, or any platform that allows custom HTML).

Can I send this table in an email?

Yes, you can send a formatted HTML table in your email body with Lido's =SENDGMAIL() formula. Create a free account here to get started.

What is Lido?

Lido is a spreadsheet that automates work for you. You can use Lido to send emails with spreadsheet data formatted in nice tables, directly from your spreadsheet.

Can I style the table?

Yes, you can add custom stylings to your HTML table by using <style> tags.

Is this free to use?

Yes, this HTML email table generator is completely free to use.