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Why you should use this

Automatically converting financial statements to Excel increases efficiency and accuracy in financial processing. This facilitates quicker analysis and reporting, reduces the potential for manual entry errors, and allows financial professionals to focus on strategic financial assessment and decision-making rather than data entry.

How it Works

You can convert PDF financial statements into Excel format either by drawing a box around the section of the financial statement that you want to convert, or by converting the entire document (including multiple pages) at once.t

Upload a financial statement PDF to Lido

Use Lido's PDF Import Tool or the built in Google Drive connector and select the financial statement you want to convert.

Use the PDF importer or EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF formula

Either draw a box visually around the section of the financial statement to extract, or use Lido's EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF formula to pull tabular data from the financial statement PDF into Lido's spreadsheet.

EXTRACTTABLESFROMPDF(<drive-credential>,"path to file",<output cell>)

Export financial statement data to Excel

Your selected financial statement is now extracted into a Lido spreadsheet and can be used, copied, or exported to Excel.

Tutorials to help you get started

Step-by-step instructions to guide you through setting up this automation in Lido.

Who should use this

This automation is designed for accountants, financial analysts, and business owners who need a streamlined method to manage financial data. Ideal for those involved in financial reporting or audits, it simplifies the conversion of detailed financial statements into Excel, facilitating easier manipulation and analysis.