Email Notifications by Lido

With our Google Forms Add-On, automatically send emails to form respondents after they fill out your form - completely free, in less than 5 minutes.

Customize emails with ease

Send simple emails with the click of a button.

Customize notification messages

Choose who gets notified, and exactly what they should get in their inbox.

Spreadsheet powered triggers you can't get anywhere else

Use any combination of spreadsheet formulas to create your own automation triggers. Lido works for all the cases where traditional “if this, then that” automation falls short.

Date triggers

Keep track of important dates with custom reminder emails.

Cell value changes

Trigger on any cell value, even when multiple changes occur in the same row.

Form responses

Use form responses in spreadsheet calculations, then send an email for each new row.

Recurring messages

Calculate KPIs in your spreadsheet and send regularly scheduled updates to your entire team.
"Lido is fantastic! You just can't do this in Google Sheets"
Danny E.
Head of Operations,
Sotheby's International Realty