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Join MySQL and Google Sheets Data Using Lido

Hello! Excited to share a step-by-step guide on how to join your MySQL and Google Sheets data with a Lido spreadsheet.

Context for this tutorial: We are trying to solve a specific data silo issue - we have some accounts data in Google Sheets (e.g., Account Contact, Account ID, Account Value, Contract length, and Days Since Last Interaction). We also have some accounts data in MySQL (e.g., id, and Account Name).

We wish to easily join tables from both data sources to view a single record of each account (including all data from Google Sheets and MySQL), and specifically we'd like to match Account Names to the correct Account Contact, Account Value, Contract Length, and Days Since Last Interaction. Lido will help me accomplish this.

What is Lido?

Lido is a spreadsheet with superpowers that can connect directly to your data (Hubspot, Salesforce, databases, Zendesk, MySQL, Google Sheets and more). You can work with it just like a normal Google Sheet or Excel document. No more importing CSV’s.

If you want to take it further, you can build no-code tools and dashboards powered by spreadsheet formulas (i.e., no more annoying and painful software coding needed). If you can organize your data in a spreadsheet, you can build an internal tool to power customer support, operations, growth, and other internal teams.

Step 1: Connect to your Google Sheets and MySQL Data

Connect to Google Sheets data 'live' via your Lido spreadsheet following the listed steps below:

  1. Create a new Lido file by clicking on 'New File' from the Files page
  2. Click on the 'Connect Data' button at the top left and choose Google Sheets
  3. Paste the URL of the Google Sheet you want to connect to (note: make sure that anyone with the link to the Google Sheet can access it - this is done by clicking 'Share' on the top right of your Google Sheet and adjusting the 'General Access' settings for 'Anyone with the link' to be a 'Viewer' or 'Editor')
  4. Press next
  5. Choose the worksheet of the Google Sheet you connected to whose data you want to pull
  6. Choose an import range (note: by default, Lido starts from cell A1 in your selected sheet, searches for data, and pulls in the first contiguous range of data that it sees.  However, you can also specify a custom start and end point to import)
  7. Select the columns of the worksheet chosen that you want to import
     - Click on the columns on the left side of the panel to select / deselect columns to import
  8. Press add data on the bottom right

You now have created a file and connected 'live' to you Google Sheets data. Now you want to also connect to your MySQL data.

Connect to MySQL data 'live' via your Lido spreadsheet following the listed steps below:

  1. Click on 'Connect Data' at the top left and choose MySQL
  2. Enter your credentials including your:
     - Hostname
     - Port
     - Username
     - Password
     - Database name
  3. Press next
  4. Use the dropdown in the upper left corner to choose the table whose specific data you want to pull
  5. Select the columns you want to import from the database table chosen
     - Click on the columns on the left side of the panel to select / deselect columns to import
  6. Press add data on the bottom right.

Step 2: Join the Google Sheets and MySQL data

The next step is to join the Google Sheets and MySQL tables on the common “id” field to get a single record / view for an account that includes data from both Google Sheets and MySQL.

  1. Select anywhere in the Google Sheets table of data
  2. Click on the join icon of the tool bar (see image below for close view of the join icon)
  3. Choose the two tables you want to join: Google Sheets ∞ MySQL
  4. Match (i.e., join) on 'Account ID' (present in the Google Sheets data) = 'id' (present in the MySQL data) and choose a few fields you want from your MySQL accounts data (i.e., Account Name)
Figure: Join columns icon

Result: Data is now joined between Google Sheets and MySQL

Using Lido, you have now created a single view of account data across your data silos (i.e., Google Sheets and MySQL). No painful software coding neccessary - just a few clicks of the mouse!

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