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Easily Sending Personalized Emails with Lido (Case Study)

Lido is an early-stage, bottoms-up SaaS company. As a result, we have a number of new product sign-ups everyday from people who we haven’t previously engaged with. So, using our platform, we built a custom emailing tool to streamline sending personalized welcome emails to new users.

Figure 1: Lido email outreach tool.

How it Works

As part of our self-serve onboarding process, we ask users what they’re trying to accomplish with Lido and which data sources they want to connect with (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Typeform, Snowflake and more). In our case, these answers are captured in Typeform.

Reviewing user responses and sending personalized welcome emails can be time-consuming, but it results in significantly higher user engagement. To streamline this, we built a custom Lido app that automatically pulls in new user Typeform responses into a spreadsheet and allows us to work with personalized welcome email templates. Our dashboard components make it easy to personalize email subjects and body content on the fly as needed (e.g., to cover how we can support the niche use case of a new user). We are then able to send out personalized welcome emails from Lido with one click of a button.

Figure 2: Successfully using Lido to easily personalize and send welcome emails.

The Result of Using Lido?

With this outreach tool built on Lido, we:

  • Have saved our customer support team days of manual work while significantly increasing our capacity to send personalized new user welcome emails.
  • Are able to keep track of which new users have been reached out to (or not), enabling us to retain top of funnel leads  (i.e., not lose users due to lack of initial engagement from our end).
  • As a result, we have seen a ~10X increase in active user engagement over the last few weeks. 

Appendix (Tutorial and Documentation)

Watch this video to see how to set up your own email outreach tool:

Documentation on how to connect to different data sources your customer data may live in:

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