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Automatically send emails from a spreadsheet

Lido now supports automatically sending emails from a spreadsheet based on the value of a cell. Its been one of our most popular user requests that can be used for sending notifications to clients, users, or internal staff. All from a spreadsheet where your data already lives!

Lets show you how it works! 

Start with a sheet of email addresses

For this example, we’ll assume we’re sending task updates to stakeholders.

Create a spreadsheet in Lido that has name, emails, tasks, and any other data you’d like to appear in an email message. 

Or, connect to a Google Sheet that has this data. 

Start with a spreadsheet of users and tasks

Build the Subject and Body content dynamically 

In Lido, we then build the Subject and Body content of the email dynamically by substituting in the other fields using regular spreadsheet syntax such as:

=”Hello, “ & B2 & “ just wanted to give you a quick update on “ & D2, etc….

It looks like: 

Dynamically build the Subject and Body of each email

We added a Sent column to keep track of if an email was sent, and a Trigger column to actually trigger the email if we change it to TRUE.  

We dynamically generate the SENDGMAIL() action for each row

To send emails from a spreadsheet, we use one of Lido’s powerful additions to the standard Sheets or Excel formulas: SENDGMAIL(). We dynamically generate the correct SENDGMAIL formula for each task / record that can then be run automatically, when a button is pushed, or just from the cell.

It looks like:

Generate the SENDGMAIL() formula dynamically

Finally, add a column that figures out if an email should be sent

Finally, we add a “send logic” column that figures out if an email should be sent based on checking the “Trigger” and “Sent” columns.

That’s it! Now when you change the value of the “Trigger” cell to true for a particular user, and email will be sent.

Check out the video:

If you want to do this, we’re onboarding user’s manually to have the best experience possible - grab a time slot and automate your emails now! 

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