Vacation Tracking Software

Eliminate all of the back and forth emails required for vacation approvals with our vacation tracking software. Build a custom vacation approval submission and notification system to streamline employee requests, all without leaving a spreadsheet.

Spend less time manually processing vacation requests

Use Lido's spreadsheet to automate every step of the vacation approvals process.
Collect vacation requests
Notify managers of new requests
Notify employee of request approval or denial
Remind teams about upcoming vacations
Notify employee of remaining vacation balance

How it works

Lido's spreadsheet allows you to automatically trigger personalized emails when new rows are added (e.g. a new vacation form submission), when cell values change (e.g., when a vacation request changes from Pending to Approved), and based on a date (e.g. for upcoming vacation reminders). Combine with spreadsheet formulas to build a custom approval workflow in minutes.

Infinite customization, zero code

Tired of software that's difficult to configure and doesn't meet your needs? Lido gives you all the tools to leverage your existing spreadsheet skills and build exactly what you need.

Dynamic approvers

Use =XLOOKUP() to dynamically change approver emails based on row level data.

Flexible logic

Modify your =IF() statement to trigger off any value. Create multiple trigger columns for multi-step workflows.

Custom messages

Personalize emails by referencing spreadsheet column names (like approval status) and turning them into dynamic variables for each request.

Get started in less than 10 minutes

Don't believe us? Watch Eric build a basic vacation approval software from scratch in five minutes.

More things you can build with Lido

Frequently asked questions


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