Automate status update emails

Automate project status updates, request approval updates, deal status updates, and more. Lido's spreadsheet allows you to monitor cells for changes and automatically trigger emails or slack messages when conditions are met.

Streamline operations and save time

Use Lido to automate internal and external status update emails throughout your organization.
Project tracking
All teams
Customer updates
Customer service teams
Inventory management
Operations teams
KPI alerts
Analytics teams
Sales and Lead tracking
Sales teams

How it works

Lido's new =SENDGMAIL() formula allows you to send emails directly from a spreadsheet.

Infinite customization, zero code

Tired of software that's difficult to configure and doesn't meet your needs? Lido gives you all the tools to leverage your existing spreadsheet skills and build exactly what you need.

Personalized messages

Customize emails by referencing spreadsheet column names and turning them into dynamic variables for each recipient.

Flexible logic

Trigger emails off any value. Use AND() and OR() to add multiple conditions. Create multiple columns for different triggers.

Adaptable recipients

Need emails to go to different team members based on a condition? Just add an =XLOOKUP() function

Get started in less than 10 minutes

Don't believe us? Watch Eric build a working automatic status update tool from scratch in five minutes.

More things you can build with Lido

Frequently asked questions


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